Sunday, 15 July 2012

Saying Hello to the Android World

 Android Logo Wallpapers for HTC 01

It being my summer break  time I am at home trying my hands at new technology ... and as usual trying to learn something about which  I have least idea , yeah I am talking about android .development.

Last year I got a new android phone and ever since i got it i have been wondering how amazing it is .The amazing applications available at the Google play  or the android market make my heart go boom boom ...:)

Although I have a bit knowledge about Java I had to struggle to get it going, right at the beginning few days earlier when I started with the download and installation(credits to my slow bb), but then I realized it's not that difficult to do it ... in fact I would say it is pretty easy. And I think that I was lucky to have faced all those problems, as it made me search, explore and learn more . I remember once my professor at college said that "If you are lucky you would get many errors and problems learning new technology ... but if you learn it in-spite of those thing you learn it in true meaning "

Now, having created a few applications of my own I would be ore then happy to share my learning with you .So in the coming posts we would discuss all the steps we need to follow  to create a new android application .

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