Saturday, 29 December 2012

Doomsday Special: Doomsday aftermath

For all those who waited for the doomsday to happen and are upset with the fact that it finally DID NOT actually take place. I have something really interesting to offer to bring your interest back to the world which apparently DID NOT end.

Let’s see the 3 major pluses for doomsday not actually happening:
1.       You get to use your apple gadgets…wallah! You still get to use your iPhone, IPad
2.       Surviving the post Doomsday destroyed  world is much more difficult then surviving this world…. So what if you don’t not get to rob all the Apple stores!
3.       Living on a totally destroyed planet under the pressure of building it all over again …well  trust me it would have been real pain in the a**  … so thank God that he saved you from all that pain .

So i hope finally 'to some extent' you will be able to live with the fact that yippiiiiiee ! doomsday did not happen :)

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