Sunday, 24 June 2012

Publish Your Own Website For Free

I have been planning to write on this topic for quite some time so finally here it comes.

Before actually trying to publish our website lets understand what this whole process takes.By this I mean that lets first understand the pre requisites for publishing the website and also understand what makes them so very much needed for publishing the website.

The pre requisites are :
  1. A domain name.
  2. The hosting service provider.
  3. Host.
  4. Template. 
1. The Domain name: Is basically used to point to a particular IP address . That means it maps or identifies the IP address associated to the name of your website. To understand it better lets take a few examples of the same:

  • gov
  • co
  • com
  • in
  • net
  • org
what makes it so important ?
Since it is difficult to remember the IP addresses you need alphabetical name to identify our site and also to let the audience find you on the the internet you need a unique IP address.

2.The Hosting Service provider:  Is the service that allows us to publish our web pages online on the internet. To publish the web pages all we need is some space on the server.Don't worry if you want to have this space for free. There are loads of companies which provide you with this server space for free :) .
An example of such a provider can be 000webhost ( 

A website cannot exist without a web space and thus without a webhost,  well by this we just answered the question "what makes it so important ?"

3.The host: The application that basically holds the content for our website.Don't worry they are also available for free. An example of this is FileZilla  which can be used on Windows, Linux,Mac OS X . You can easily download , install and upload your file to the your server space of your website. Sites like GoDaddy, 000webhost recommend FileZilla.

4. Template:  This is all about the look and feel of the website we are trying to create and publish. If you have a good knowledge of Html and CSS you can self code it otherwise you can buy it or even download it for free from some free template providing website. 

now lets come to the steps for actually publishing the website that too for free :) .

Step 1: Registering the domain name: Register the domain name.
Step 2:Getting the server space for the website: 

Step 3: Getting the template : Buy it or download for free or Code it or download it and make your own edits .
Step 4: Download and install the host and then uploading the files to the server:

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